Design and Implementation of RESTful Non-repudiation Services


Security issues can be a barrier to make successful online businesses because the Internet can make critical information vulnerable. Non-repudiation is a security feature that is related to integrity and authenticity. Providing non-repudiation for online communication is a key factor to achieve a successful electronic business. Non-repudiation should ensure that each involvement in an online interaction cannot be denied. Besides, non-repudiation, fairness between the parties also plays an important role to achieve successful electronic businesses. One solution used to achieve fair non-repudiation services is by using a trusted third party (TTP) that implements fair non-repudiation protocols. This project uses work that has been done by Cook et al in 2006 as a starting point, which was a non-repudiation service project that uses SOAP web service technology. However, this project aims to implement non-repudiation services using Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture style principles in order to obtain significant advantages that REST technology provides such as scalability and simplicity.

Journal of Information and Computing Science,Vol. 8, No. 3